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It’s so simple to share an article, a video or whatever quickly with a group of people through social media or group chats. The question is how you feel about in receiving all those shared stuff.

Do you dare about the video a girl explains to the UNO politicians what sustainable really means?
Or do you really care about some animals being extincted somewhere on earth?
Oh, you have kids, thus you must know about those amazingly successfull school systems, right?
And how the f*** shall one know what is important in that whole share flood. To be more specific: How shall I know which piece of shared information can change my life.

The answer is sinple: What is the need of the one sharing the information to you.
If the sender states why she is sharing this to you, what and how it changed her life and what she expects out of it sharing the information with you, then you may quickly decide if you gonna invest your lifetime in consuming the information or if it would be a waste and thus sucking your precious lifetime away.

Bottom line.
Before you share information with your beloved and friends, think a moment and write them why you share this information. Write them why do you think your friend’s lifetime is gonna be well invested by consuming the information rather being wasted.
And “I thought it’s important for you to know.” does not count as it does neither say why it’s important nor does it tell what concret action you expect from your friend.

Why should you share this article?
To stop wasting lifetime by sharing stuff just because you thought this may mather to others as much as it did to you.

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