Stories from Corporate Hell

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The beauty of not being aware is that you don’t realize that your corporate environment is most probably being mad.
You talked yourself into excuses and why it is as it is and why it cannot be changed.
It is likely that you are just fine and maybe even feel grateful and fortunate to work for your current employer.
However, the corporate pressure still drains your life-energy, wastes your precious life-time and accelerates your aging.
It might feel normal to you, as all your colleagues around you are in similar situations and thus experience similar outcomes.
The problem though started with your very first doubt.

Awareness and wisdom, two corner stones for any advancement, apply to companies as well as to individuals.
If we are not aware of something (e.g. of better ways to collaborate, or that working for a living can actually be fun), how should we know that we want to change?
However, it requires courage to get self aware since it requires us to objectively reflect and judge honestly ourselves and our own situation. Most of the time we feel uncomfortable in doing so and thus quickly and unintentionally prevent self-reflection.
Listening to or reading about a story that sounds familiar to us, quickly triggers thoughts like: “Yes, me too!”
The intention behind us sharing our personal corporate hell stories is to inspire you and thus to serve as a mirror to yourself so you may recognize yourself.
We encourage you to share your stories too, as we in turn would like to increase our awareness based on your stories.
Let others know about your experiences.
Let others know what you have gone through.
Let others know how kept waking up each day feeling increasingly unfulfilled until you ultimately decided to set yourself free.

We are a network of people who never get tired to ask the uncomfortable questions and break the silly rules as we go, strictly following the saying: “Do whatever it requires to get things done, as long as they won’t fire you and it won’t take you to jail.”
With vast experiences in companies of any size in basically every industry, we all had to fight our fights in corporations, big projects, with many stacked hierarchy levels and patrons.

This is the kick-off for a series of stories from Corporate Hell; some are just funny, some are cynical and some are very tragic, so stay tuned.

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